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Hello! My name is Sam.
I'm a creativity mentor, writer and spiritual coach.
I have been sharing my words online since I started my first blog in 2009. I was exploring the pagan path and my desire to live more creatively. I discovered there were other people who shared these interests and found community online. Connecting people and building community is something I feel passionate about.
My practice has two foundations: journaling and being with nature. As a hedgewitch, you'll often find me wandering the paths by the hedgerows and the river near my home, talking to the spirits of the land.
I am a death-path initiated shaman in the Norse tradition. No one in their right mind would choose this. You're called by Powers that have their hooks in every part of your life from the beginning. It's eventually easier to answer the call than keep resisting it, so here I am. I teach people to journey into their inner being through journaling. I also teach Reiki, meditation and plant medicine. My life is rooted in the mundane but I see magic everywhere.
What People Say
I have taken some inspiring writing courses with Sam and I enjoy their different approaches to the topic. They introduced me to guided meditation as a springboard to writing which brought delightful new insights and imaginings to my work. My writing has a new freedom of thought that has somehow seeped through into the rest of my life and the lift that creative flow brings with it does wonders for my mental health. Get your creative juices running with this amazing lady!
Gill, Wales, UK.

Coaching with Sam for me was life changing. Sam’s gentle, yet firm way helps you get to the bottom of what’s holding you back and take steps to shift what needs shifting to move along the next part of your journey. Combining coaching, spiritual and energy work was just what I needed to shift the energy while working on the issues at hand.
Jacqui, Lancashire, UK.

I attended my first online creative writing course with Sam in 2018. It was a truly inspiring course and I felt my words and sentences flow freely with the prompts and guidance that Sam gave each week. I loved our writing community and felt we got to know each other so well through our shared writing experience. I loved the personal feedback and guidance and felt I brought my writing to a whole new level during this course. It built my confidence and gave me great joy to see my writing develop and progress over the weeks. I would highly recommend Sam as a writing coach and creative teacher.
Cathy, Cork, Ireland.

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